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Double Masking - Preventing Covid Spread

Double Masking, that is wearing a cloth or fabric mask on top of a Surgical Mask has proved to be more effective in preventing COVID Spread.

Why Do we need Double Masks??

Surgical Masks has better filtration efficiency but they fit poorly against the face leaving gaps for Virus or Aerosols to Leave/Enter.

Whereas Cloth or Fabric Masks have a better fit around one's face but less Filteration efficiency. Thus by combining the two, we significantly reduce the exposure chances.

How To Put Double Mask?

1. Knot the ear loops of the surgical Mask close to the edges.

2. Tuck in the side pleats of the mask inwards.

3. Pinch the Noseclip of the mask properly around the nose to minimize the gap.

4. Put a second fabric or cloth mask on top of it.

How to Pair it Up?

Always Pair a Surgical and Cloth Mask. Cloth mask on top of Surgical Mask.

No Need to Pair Up an N-95 Mask as it has a Close fit and 95% filtration efficiency.

Double Masking has a Blocking efficiency of more than 85%.


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